I am a British-Italian copywriter and linguistic consultant specialising in effective cross-culture communication in the English-Italian pair.

A sneak peek into my life as a copywriter

Here is a collection of projects I had the pleasure to work on.

My areas of expertise

I work across marketing and advertising media to deliver bold, effective identities for businesses and direct clients in the following industries: fashion, consumer goods, travel, film, psychology, hobby & lifestyle.

TRANSLATION (English, Italian & Spanish*)

I translate online and print content – websites, social media campaigns, press releases, product copy, certificates & diplomas, static content and scripts.

*Please visit Services for a complete list of all language combinations.

EDITING (English & Italian)

I edit and sub-edit a wide variety of content such as digital content, social media campaigns, press releases, product copy, static content and content provided or translated by multiple authors.

CONTENT CREATION (English & Italian)

I specialise in content creation, branding and language consultancy.

PROOFREADING AND LQA (English & Italian)

As a proofreader, I offer Linguistic Quality Assurance, assessing linguistic and translation quality of content.

LOCALISATION (English & Italian)

Localisation is the process of adapting content to regional or local consumption. I localise content by addressing linguistic, cultural and technical barriers, ensuring that it stays relevant and culturally sensitive.

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